Wisconsin Pallet Cutout

It turns out I’m a bit of a liar. In my post about the abstract nightstand I said I only managed to squeeze in one project in May, but I actually completed a second project. One of the four weddings I attended was in Madison – yay for not having to travel! My friends had a beautiful, intimate, and down to earth ceremony. They said they didn’t want any gifts, but not one to always follow the rules I decided to make them a gift anyway. Continue reading “Wisconsin Pallet Cutout”

Abstract nightstand

I’m baaaaaaack and I hope my readers are too! Sorry for the long break, May was a crazy month (4 weddings) and this past week was a doozy. I’m still processing the events of last week, and when I feel ready I will probably talk about them on here. Three of the four weddings were on the East Coast, but somehow in the chaos of all that travel I did manage to squeeze in a project. Before this, my nightstand was a TV tray. It’s a nice wooden TV tray, but was quite pathetic next to my beautiful headboard. Unlike some of my previous projects, I didn’t really have a vision going into this project. I simply knew I wanted a nicer nightstand than I currently had. Continue reading “Abstract nightstand”

Woodworking & Wedding Season

Welcome back friends. My last post was very popular and I had my most visitors to date! Thank you to everyone who stopped by, I really enjoy sharing my projects with others. Speaking of sharing, this year I will be attending the weddings of six couples who are allowing me to share in their special days. Oh boy, that was really corny, but I’m excited to be celebrating with my friends! I really enjoy giving personal gifts, but sometimes it can be hard to think of something that the recipient would like. Continue reading “Woodworking & Wedding Season”