DIY Scarf holder

Fall is fast approaching, and while I already miss summer and all that it entails, I have to admit that I’m excited for scarf season. I love scarves! They’re my favorite way to dress up an outfit. As I accumulated a collection, I quickly realized I needed a way to store and display them. Sure I could buy a scarf holder, but why buy something when you can make it?¬†

Shower rings connected with ribbon
Shower rings connected with hot glue and ribbon – don’t mind the ugly wire hanger

I love DIYs, but a lot of tutorials aren’t well thought out and break within a few weeks. I find bad DIYs¬†frustrating and a waste of money. A quick google of DIY scarf holder reveals hundreds of options, but many of these seem to be poorly constructed. I wanted something both practical and visually pleasing. Why should I only enjoy the beauty of my scarves when I’m wearing them? I was drawn to the holders that used shower curtain rings because I already had some just sitting around. When I experimented with the rings, my scarves kept getting stuck in the notches.


A few people remedied this problem by wrapping the rings in tape, but I thought that over time the tape would get sticky and ruin my scarves. I decided to use ribbon, both practical and pretty. I laid out the rings in a pattern, and then spent way too long rearranging them until I decided on a layout. Next I hot glued all my pieces together first, and wrapped them in ribbon. It was important to make sure the ribbon was taught on the joints, I didn’t want to rely on the glue alone.

I’m very pleased with this project

After I wrapped all the rings together, I attached them to a wire hanger with the ribbon. I used a metal hanger because I figured it was stronger than a plastic one. Unfortunately I ran out of ribbon before I could cover the whole ugly hanger. I completed this project over a year ago, but I never seem to remember to buy more ribbon. I have a terrible memory to begin with and my mind seems to go blank when I walk into a store.

I'm pretty pleased with this project
A practical and pretty DIY

I’m proud of this DIY scarf holder because it’s functional, beautiful, and durable. It’s been over a year and it shows no signs of wear. Pretty soon I’ll need to add some more rings because I’m always expanding my scarf collection.

What do you think? Let me know!