Fishman overalls

Hi friends, I would first like to say, welcome to my new blog! I made the move over to a self hosted page, so please bear with me – I’m still trying to iron out all the wrinkles (See what I did there?) I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last posted. Sorry for not doing a better job of blogging in a timely manner. Things have been pretty crazy lately; between ultimate frisbee, traveling, and some major life changes – the summer has whizzed by. How is it almost August?! I guess that means that I should make the most of the good weather we have left. I’m currently working on a wood project that I’m pretty excited about – more on that later! 

Right now I would like to talk to you about Phish. No, I didn’t spell fish incorrectly, I’m talking about the band. Going to a show is an amazing experience; the fantastic music, the wonderful fans, and the joy that fills your heart after the show is over. Phish shows are a judgement free zone where you can truly be yourself, which leads to people wearing all manner of things. The drummer, Jon Fishman, wears a blue moo moo with red donuts all over it. A quick image search will show you the awesomeness that is his moo moo! Lots of people wear Fishman inspired clothes and Zach wanted some of his own. He really likes wearing overalls to shows, so the logical creation was Fishman overalls.

Tracing donuts from the “pattern”

I started by creating a template for the donuts out of cardboard. Then I traced it onto my fabric – I made 16 donuts in total. I realized there was no way I was going to be able to smoothly sew on the donuts, no matter how much I pinned them. So I cheated a little bit and bought some heavy duty iron on adhesive.

The iron-on adhesive I used

After I cut out the adhesive donuts, I then attached them to the red fabric. My two circles didn’t match up perfectly, which was okay, I trimmed them to size once they were joined. One word of caution, you should place a piece of fabric between your iron and the fabric you’re attaching the adhesive to because otherwise you might get adhesive on your iron. I may or may not be speaking from experience.

Donuts with the adhesive attached

Zach then laid out the donuts where he wanted them to go. This was a bit of trial and error, but eventually we got them were they needed to go. I made sure to take pictures of their placement for reference. Then I ironed on all the donuts – the only hard part here was trying to remove the backing, it was hard to peel off at times.

So many donuts!!!

I thought about leaving the overalls here, but I didn’t trust the adhesive to hold up over time. I zigzagged stitched all the way around the donuts, inside and out. It was quite challenging to sew the donuts onto the legs – not much of a turning radius.

Harry the helper sporting some donuts

A couple of the donuts were on top of pockets. In order to make them usable, I ripped the seams on the pockets, sewed the donuts, and reattached the pockets.

Front and back

The heavy duty adhesive said it shouldn’t be sewn, and now I know why. The adhesive kept gunking up my needle. I had to keep some rubbing alcohol handy so I could clean my needle. My machine also kept skipping stitches. I’m not sure if this was because of the adhesive, or because there was just too much material. Either way, I won’t be sewing through adhesive again and I should probably get my machine serviced – skipping stitches is no fun.

My favorite part – the pocket is still usable

Zach wore these overalls to their first show at the Gorge. It is a stunning venue and if you ever get the chance to see a show there, do it! He got a ton of compliments on them and I hope he enjoys these for years to come – they were fun to create.

The most amazing venue I’ve ever been lucky enough to visit

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  1. They are great. Next time you want to do sticky and stiches just make the sticky not go to the edge of the fabric. Seeing through it is no fun. You are so creative.

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